Jessie Schwartzburg is an in-demand speaker and media expert.


Topics she routinely speaks on:

How to Put Together a Promotional Marketing Piece That Will Land you Speaking Gigs

• One Sheets: What they are and what must be included to catch an event planners attention
• Secrets for putting together the correct marketing materials that will get you noticed, booked and re-booked
• The process of getting your name out there as speaker
• Your bio- how to format and what should be included
• Photos, images, colors and consistent branding
• How to pick a winning and timely topic to catch event planners and the media’s attention • How to instantly transform almost any topic to make it more attractive to meeting planners
• A sure fire system for finding out what’s hot and in demand

Insider Secrets for Creating Unique and Flawless Events

Ever notice how the best events look effortless? Everything just seems to unfold perfectly — and at just the right moment. A well-planned, well-run event, retreat, or convention is a thing of beauty.

However, anyone who has put together such a gathering knows it is anything but easy and effortless. Nothing — not even the smallest detail — can be left to chance.

The Difference Is in the Details

It’s a fine line that separates events that appear effortless and ones that look like hardly any effort was put into them at all. That fine line is in the details: all of the behind-the-scenes planning, organizing, budgeting, strategizing, and promoting, just to name a few, that go into creating the perfect event. As a guest, you know it when you see it. But as a planner, you need to know it in advance and anticipate every possible dilemma that could rear its ugly head.

This session covers:

  • Top 10 ways to brand a show and make it consistent
  • How to create a controlled circus that will make people say “wow” and want to come back for future events
  • Site selection musts
  • Selecting your outside vendors and contractors to work with
  • Event timelines and scripts
  • How to perfectly prepare and execute an event

The Seminar World 101: How to Develop, Market and Produce Your Own Event

During this session Jessie Schwartzburg will revolutionize and simplify your event planning process! In this information packed session, you will learn everything you need to know to produce and promote successful, moneymaking events!  You’ll discover how to:

  • Package your experience, know-how or ideas into seminars or workshops
  • Choosing the best ticket price and what registration system you can use
  • Choose the best month, day and time for your seminar
  • How to Get Booked for Speaking Gigs
  • Different formats for events
  • Site selection and working with venues
  • Plan, organize, and host events like a pro — even if it’s your very first time

How Event Planners Select Speakers: Inside-The-Industry Tips For Getting That Gig!

Event planners are the decision-makers, and understanding what they want is vital to your success as a


Jessie Schwartzburg is responsible for setting up approximately 120 + speakers per year for the various

organizations she represents so she has some incredible insider tips to help you improve your chances of

being selected as a speaker for an event.

  • What makes event planners choose one speaker over another
  • RFP’s- be sure to read them carefully and understand what the event is
  • Intelligent and appealing cover letters
  • Speaker one sheets, bios, photos, seminar write ups and offer sheets
  • Making the event planners life easier–Don’t make the event planner have to work any harder-

be prepared with your marketing materials and meet deadlines

  • Your web presence
  • Catchy titles
  • Tips to increase your chances of being considered as a return speaker- get rebooked!
  • Industry buzzwords and jargon
  • Saying what you said you would say
  • Keeping in touch with event planners and tips to butter them up without being too cheesy